Talent recruitment

Hangzhou Chuangxin Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. is a modern industrial equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and service of all kinds of paperboard machines, special paper machines and high-speed coater. Due to the upgrading of the company's products and intelligent equipment and the expansion of production scale, we are now looking for excellent talents for the society. The recruitment positions are as follows:

Serial number



Student qualification



This is a good example. And And And nbsp; (10 persons)

Technical secondary school degree or above, 25-50 years old, more than three years of working experience in machining, strong adaptability to the working environment, sincere treatment, strong communication and coordination skills, serious and responsible work and strong initiative; Familiar with CNC machine tools and programming technology, able to understand CAD drawings.


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CNC (5 persons)

Technical secondary school degree or above, 25-50 years old, CNC machining center personnel engaged in machining, more than three years of working experience or able to program independently and operate equipment skillfully; You can design tooling and fixture by yourself to solve the processing technology problems of some complex machined parts.


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Argon arc welding (5 persons)

Technical secondary school or above, 25-50 years old, with more than three years of argon arc welding experience, electric welding certificate, can understand CAD drawings, and be familiar with stainless steel and steel plate material welding; Work seriously, obey the arrangement of leaders and work with certificates.


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Technician / general worker fresh student (8 persons)

Careful and responsible work, with good professional ethics; Internship experience in mechanical industry or ability to understand CAD drawings is preferred, and fresh graduates can be trained


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Technician (8 persons)

College degree or above, major in mechanical design and manufacturing / Mechatronics and related, 25-50 years old, work seriously, obey the arrangement of leaders, and understand CAD mechanical drawing and three-dimensional drawing.


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Company benefits:

Accommodation: 1 person / room, with air conditioning, toilet and kitchen

Dining: provide working meals, eight hour system, and overtime meal allowance for overtime work

Other benefits: 1. The company organizes a collective activity once a year

2. Reimbursement of round trip expenses for more than two years after the Spring Festival

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