What are the overall operating characteristics of the paper machine?

? ? ? ??Paper machines are paper-making equipment and belong to the category of equipment accessories. The main part of the paper machine is mainly composed of 6 or 7 parts such as headbox, wire part, pressing part, drying part or
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How does a paper machine work

? ? ? ? A paper machine is a necessary papermaking machine for every paper mill. The emergence of this machine has replaced the traditional manual papermaking, which not only improves the quality of paper but also improves the producti
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How to determine printing color separation parameters according to paper performance

1、 The compensation sample for dot increase is set. When the ink is transferred to the paper surface under pressure, due to the absorption of the paper, the ink diffuses around when penetrating, resulting in dot increase and darkening the whole image. Obv
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Function of pulping equipment of paper machine

No matter what you do, if you know well before you do it, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Because you know enough, you can easily solve all kinds of problems when you encounter them. The same is true for the use of paper machine. As lo
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How to clean the net of home paper machine

In the use of household paper machines, there will be the phenomenon of net pasting, which will have an impact on our production. Let's teach you how to clean the net of home paper machine.The key factor affecting the service life of household paper m
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