What are the overall operating characteristics of the paper machine?

        Paper machines are paper-making equipment and belong to the category of equipment accessories. The main part of the paper machine is mainly composed of 6 or 7 parts such as headbox, wire part, pressing part, drying part or sizing part, calendering part and coiling part. Then, what are its overall operating characteristics? Let the editor of China Paper Network introduce it to you.

        Usually, the operation process of a paper machine has the characteristics of linkage, synchronization, and traction; and the working environment is under high temperature, high humidity, and continuous conditions, so it is difficult to maintain the operation process.

        From the perspective of the entire production line, there are certain differences in the speed of each rotating line, which are produced due to the needs of the production process, and some are caused by the difference in the transmission path of the driving force between the active and passive.

        From the perspective of the rotational speed of each rotating member, since the diameters of each part of the rotating member are different, the rotational speed of the rotating member generally differs greatly. Usually, small-diameter rollers (such as felt guide rollers, paper guide rollers) rotate at higher speeds, and usually the mesh or paper web transmission is a passive component, which is more likely to cause dynamic imbalance problems. For the rotating parts such as the press section and the drying section, due to the harsh working conditions, coupled with the direct action between the components or the indirect action through the transmission mechanism, the vibration of the paper machine section is transmitted and superimposed during the operation process. becomes extremely complicated.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Source: China Paper Network

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