How to clean the net of home paper machine

In the use of household paper machines, there will be the phenomenon of net pasting, which will have an impact on our production. Let's teach you how to clean the net of home paper machine.

The key factor affecting the service life of household paper machine is the cleaning of forming mesh. If the phenomenon of net pasting occurs, it will lead to the decline of the water filtering performance of the paper machine. Generally speaking, there are two types of pollutants, one is the pollutants filled in the middle of the formed mesh line to reduce the dehydration capacity of the mesh, and the other is the pollutants deposited on the surface of the formed mesh and the junction of the mesh. At this time, there should be a swinging high-pressure water flushing device. The nozzle of the water spray pipe should face upward to reduce the impurities in the water blocking the mechanical filter of the nozzle and reduce the impact friction surface caused by the water flow. The water spray pipe shall adopt reciprocating needle nozzle, and the swing stroke shall be controlled at 15cm or 30cm. When the forming net stops running, turn off the spray water immediately. When the speed is relatively low, our nozzle can flush the forming net vertically. When the speed is relatively high, turn the water spray pipe towards the running direction of the forming net to produce a spray angle less than 90 °.

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